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Green Roof & Reflective Roof

Design & Installation of Intensive Green Roof and Reflective Roof for the Madison Children's Museum

Since 1978, Pioneer Roofing has earned a distinguished reputation for providing expert craftsmanship in the areas of roof repair, replacement, and construction. Due to our superior workmanship, we were contracted by Madison Children's Museum to design and install intensive green roofing and reflective roofing for their museum. Working in partnership with Kubala Washatko Architects, Inc., landscape architects RA Smith National,  and general contractor J.H. Findorff, this massive project was completed both on-time and under budget, while still exceeding all of our client's expectations for attractiveness and quality.

Pioneer Roofing installed a 6,000 square foot intensive green roof over a CCW 500 Waterproofing System. The base of this sizeable, green roof was constructed from inverted tapered polystyrene insulation. The inverted tapered polystyrene material provided the required positive slope for adequate water seepage, while maintaining the financial benefits of having a flat roof deck - supplying an overall cost-effective, yet powerful solution for proper drainage.

For added waterproofing capabilities, we built a series of drainage and protection layers that were installed over the hot rubberized asphalt roof membrane. We also developed and installed an additional tri-level drainage system and constructed a conduct electronic field vector mapping (EFVM) system for added leak detection.

After installing all necessary waterproofing and drainage systems, we then built an environmentally-friendly roof decking made of wood and added Wausau Tile ® pavers on all pedestals. We additionally constructed an ornamental pervious rotted granite pathway - providing this 6,000 square foot intensive green roof with an overall attractive appearance. To add to this visually pleasing and ecologically conscious design, we also custom fabricated metal copings and fascia, and installed two green walls, a variety of roof plantings, and a waterfall with fishpond.

Our green roofing system provided our clients with a variety of benefits, including, but not limited to, reduced storm water runoff and decreased sound reflection and transmission. Our green roof also lowered any additional replacement and energy costs, while including enough added space to grow fruits and vegetables.

In addition to constructing an intensive green roof, Pioneer Roofing also installed an extra 2,500 square feet of energy-efficient, reflective roofing for the museum. This reflective roofing was constructed from Carlisle-Syntec, 80 millimeter thick TPO material, which provides excellent resistance to ultraviolet, ozone, and chemical exposure. Lastly, we installed 1,500 square feet of standing seam roofs over the clubhouse and the elevator lobby. Pioneer installed all of the work internally, other than the standing seam metal roofs, metal copings and fascia, irrigation, and wood deck. Additional tests were conducted both after the hot rubber membrane and engineered soil and plantings were set in place to ensure that our roofing met all client expectations for quality and design.

With a long history of providing expert craftsmanship, Pioneer Roofing has always met our clients' vastly increasing demands for heat-reflective and energy efficient roofing systems. We were, therefore, able to successfully design and install high-quality, intensive green roofing and reflective roofing for the museum at Madison Children's Hospital. This extensive project, which took approximately 21 months to complete, met all of our client's green roofing requirements.

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Beginning of Roof Project
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Grading and Structure
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Water Feature & Granite Installation
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Water Feature & Green Wall

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Design & Installation of Intensive Green Roof and Reflective Roof Specifications

Product Description Pioneer Roofing helped design and install this Intensive Green Roof for the Madison Children's Hospital
Capabilities Applied/Processes Design Work:
  • Design Solution to the Missing 5" of Concrete Topping
  • Added Drainage for Green Roof
  • Design change from Pavers to Ronat Granite Pathway
  • Design of Green Roof Planting Palette that met all Engineering Requirements
  • Waterfall with Fish Pond
  • Green Wall
Intensive Green Roof: CCW 500 Waterproofing System
Reflective Roof: Carlisle-Syntec TPO 80-Mil Thick
Roof Size
Intensive Green Roof: 6,000 ft2
Reflective Roof: 2,500 ft2
Standing Steam Roofs: 1,500 ft2
Components of Roof Installed
Base of Roof:
  • Inverted Tapered Polystyrene Land Form System
  • Series of Drainage and Protection Layers Installed over the Hot Rubberized Asphalt Roof Membrane
  • Tri-Level Drainage System, J-Drain GRS-50
Intensive Green Roof:
  • Green Roof Protection and Drainage Layers
  • Ornamental Pervious Rotted Granite Pathway
  • Wausau Tile® Pavers
  • Green Roof Plantings: Focus on Native Plants
  • Waterfall/Fishpond
  • Two Green Walls
Reflective Roof:
  • Wausau Tile® Pavers
Waterfall w/ Fishpond
Green Wall
Conduct Electronic Field Vector Mapping (EFVM)

  • For Leak Detection
Green Roof Benefits
  • Reduces Storm Water Runoff
  • Filters Pollutants & CO2 Out of the Air
  • Reduces urban Heat Island Effect
  • Reduced Sound Reflection and Transmission
  • Provides Additional Space to Grow Fruits and Vegetables
  • Increases Wildlife Habitat
  • Reduces Energy Costs
  • Reduced Roof Replacement Costs
Quality Control Testing of EFVM by International Leak Detection:
  • Test Conducted After the Hot Rubber Membrane
  • Test Conducted After Engineered Soil and Plantings Were Installed
Industry for Use Museum
Installation Location Madison, Wisconsin
Product Name Intensive Green Roofing and Reflective Roofing

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