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Installation of Green Roof
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Roof Installation for Univ WI

Installation of Green Roof and Reflective Roof for Sandburg Commons

Pioneer Roofing has a strong reputation for providing local owners, facility managers, consultants, and general contractors from Wisconsin and surrounding areas with premium roofing design, repair, and construction services. Given this reputation, we were entrusted to install the largest green roof of our time at the University of Wisconsin. This 32,400 square foot roof needed to have proper drainage capabilities to battle against typically wet Wisconsin weather, while also providing an ecologically-friendly space that would help our client's reduce overall energy costs.

To complete this project, Pioneer Roofing successfully constructed this massive roof and installed all soil media and plantings. First, we vacuumed existing ballast off the roof and staged the ground for re-use. Then we disposed of any water-soaked insulation and removed all obsolete rooftop equipment, as well as any asphalt present on the roof membrane. We repaired the rest of the concrete deck and installed a Carlisle CCW-500R hot rubber system, which provided the roof with powerful waterproofing protection.

Next, we installed our own green roofing system using both skidsteers and a 90 ton rough terrain crane. We installed two layers of extruded insulation, a moisture retention mat, and drainage composite on top of a protection board. We also supplied a 40 millimeter thick root barrier that was placed so all structures and plants may cohabitate happily together. In addition, we constructed a perforated metal edging to act as a crucial barrier between vegetated and non-vegetated areas of this green roof, as well as to keep all plant life growing in one, designated place.

After the roofing was installed, we then set up all pavers, creating an attractive rooftop appearance. We concluded this project by providing all specially engineered soil media, as well as six different varieties of plant-life that successfully grew in separate seasons, ensuring year-round blooming.

After both the hot rubber membrane and engineered soil and plantings were installed, we conducted a series of tests to ensure our roofing met all of our client's project specifications. Our green roofing system reduced storm runoff, as well as sound reflection and transmission. It also provided additional space to grow fruits and vegetables while lowering energy and roof replacement costs - fulfilling our customer's unique roofing requirements. With a long history of expertise constructing quality, green roofing systems, Pioneer Roofing was able to successfully build and install a 32,400 square foot intensive green roof for the University of Wisconsin.

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Roof Top Project
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Green Roofing System
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Drainage Composite
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Extruded Insulation
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Perforated Metal Edging
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Installation of Plants

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Installation of Green Roof and Reflective Roof for Sandburg Commons Specifications

Product DescriptionPioneer Roofing Installed the largest green roof of its time at Sandburg Commons

Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Roof Preparation:
    • Vacuum Existing Ballast off Roof
    • Stage Ground for Re-Use
    • Remove and Dispose of Water-Soaked Insulation
    • Remove Asphalt off of Roof Membrane
    • Scarify Concrete Deck
    • Remove Obsolete Roof Top Equipment
    • Repair Concrete Deck
    • Install Carlisle CCW-500R Hot Rubber System
  • Installation of Green Roof

Roof Size32,400 ft2

Components of Roof InstalledGreen Roof:
  • Drainage Composite on top of Protection Board
  • Electronic Field Vector Mapping (EFVM) Leak Detection System
  • Two Layers of Extruded Insulation
  • 40 Mil Root Barrier
  • Moisture Retention Mat
  • Perforated Metal Edging
  • Pavers
  • 8" Specified Engineered Soil Media
  • 4" Specified Engineered Soil Media
  • Plantings
    • Six Varieties for Spring, Summer, and Fall Blooming

Heavy Equipment Used 90 Ton Rough Terrain Crane

Green Roof Benefits
  • Reduces Storm Water Runoff
  • Filters Pollutants & CO2 Out of the Air
  • Reduces urban Heat Island Effect
  • Reduced Sound Reflection and Transmission
  • Provides Additional Space to Grow Fruits and Vegetables
  • Increases Wildlife Habitat
  • Reduces Energy Costs
  • Reduced Roof Replacement Costs

Quality Control Testing of EFVM by International Leak Detection:
  • Test Conducted After the Hot Rubber Membrane
  • Test Conducted After Engineered Soil and Plantings Were Installed

Industry for UseUniversities

Installation LocationMilwaukee, Wisconsin

Product NameIntensive Green Roofing and Reflective Roofing

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