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Value Engineered Roof Installation for Watertown School District

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Douglas Elementary School
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Watertown School District

The 45,000 square foot roof, shown above, was built and installed by Pioneer Roofing at the Douglas Elementary School in Watertown, Wisconsin. Due to growing class sizes, the Watertown School District decided to draft a 23.4 million dollar proposal to enlarge and renovate their aging buildings to better accommodate new students.

One of the major highlights of this project involved the expansion and restoration of Douglas Elementary School. In order to double the size of the facility while still blending in with the neighborhood aesthetic, the district needed a roofing contractor to satisfy these requirements in a safe, cost-effective, and timely fashion. After holding several scoping meetings, they contracted Pioneer Roofing due to our strong reputation for installing high-quality roofing systems.

Initially, the plan for this project was over-budgeted, and we faced some challenges fulfilling our client’s needs with few resources. These challenges included:

  • Blending the new roof line into the existing roof line
  • Matching the fascia and soffit around the building
  • Providing a reflective type roof system that was smooth, clean-looking, and well-insulated

With our vast industry expertise, we developed several engineering solutions to overcome these obstacles. For example, our client considered using white membranes for the roof, but it was later discovered that the membranes would produce too much glare for the adjacent community. Pioneer Roofing suggested that a light-gray TPA membrane would be the best choice for Douglas Elementary due to its clean look, its reflectivity, and its ability to fit in visually with the immediate area. The school district agreed to this resolution, and two new layers of isocyanurate board were installed over a fleece-back, 60 millimeter, light-gray TPA membrane. The boards were then sealed into a matching metal edge, with soffit and fascia, which blended into the existing exterior of the building.

Pioneer Roofing possessed the experience and capability to install a new, energy efficient roofing system for Douglas Elementary School that achieved all of our client’s aesthetic and high-performance requirements, within their restricted budget. This project was completed safely and on time, and exceeded our customer’s expectations for quality.

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Value Engineered Roof Installation for Watertown School District Specifications

Product Description Pioneer Roofing Installed a new roof on the expanded Douglas Elementary school.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Value Engineering
  • How to Blend New Roof Line into Existing
  • Matching The Fascia & Soffit Around The Building
  • Provide a Smooth, Clean Looking, Well Insulated, Reflective Type Roof System
Roof Preparation
  • Tear off Existing Roofing
  • Tie Into Several New Construction Additions.
Installation of Roof
  • Light Gray TPA Membrane was Applied
    • Clean Look & Provides Reflectivity
  • Two Layers of Isocyanurate Board Over Fleece Back 60 Mil membrane
  • Sealed Into Matching Metal Edge w/ Soffit and Fascia Matched Existing Parts of Building for seamless appearance
Roof Size 45,000 ft2
Heavy Equipment Used 23 Ton Crane, Multiple set up on several areas and uneven terrain
Testing or Inspection Carried Out Waterproofing Technologies Inc provided daily quality inspections and final approval
Industry for Use Education
Installation Location Watertown, Wisconsin
Product Name New Roof Installation for Douglas Elementary